Computer Science is not a LOTE

Here is your chance to take action!

If you are concerned about the impact of HB 5 on your language program, now is the time to act! The State Board of Education will be reviewing the current ruling in terms of computer programming courses and their appropriateness in counting toward Languages Other Than English credit. Without any action from us, computer science may continue to count for the foreign language credits required for graduation beyond the 2015-2016 academic year.

The Texas 84th legislative session has a deadline of November 10, 2014 for pre-filing bills and Texas senators and representatives will convene on January 13, 2015. As a result, kindly take action and submit your letter by the priority deadline of November 7, 2014. After this date, you may still submit your letter through early January prior to the convening date.

Thanks to ACTFL who released an Action Alert on behalf of TFLA to galvanize support from members to speak up against the 83rd Legislation House Bill 5 ruling that allows Computer Science I, II and III to count toward the graduation requirement under the Foundation High School Plan. Use the link below to directly access ACTFL’s Action Alert and submit your letter to show support for a reversal of this decision. When you enter your information, you will be asked for your address. Based on the address, the Action Alert will send it automatically to your senator and representative.

Please note that the statement in the letter template addressing “…, we are now equally concerned about the clause allowing any core subject to substitute for the second year of language study” refers uniquely to the special education population. Feel free to remove this sentence from your letter as we should keep the primary focus on the computer science matter.

Call-to-Action Link

With all the research showing the benefits of language study, such as the improved SAT scores of students studying a second language, and the delay of the onset of Alzheimer’s disease among those who learn a second language, we should be increasing the requirements for second language study, instead of decreasing them.

TFLA thanks you for your membership, support and ongoing advocacy!


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